Author: bloomingglenfarm

The past few weeks have been busy for the early crew at Blooming Glen! Between the rounds of seeding in the greenhouse and trying to take advantage of sunny days to do some construction projects, we are all getting a chance to warm up our winter bones with some farm work.

To think ALL those tomatoes come from these little guys…

Flats and flats of seeded onions

The crew getting busy on repairing a greenhouse

“Organic Pest Control”

Kale is coming up! So exciting!

Spring is coming, folks! To catch a glimpse of our own version of “March Madness”, stay tuned! New interns are on their way, plants are germinating left and right, and those days are gettin’ longer!

This year we are excited to have launched a new blog for Blooming Glen Farm titled “The Blooming Glen Beet” (in lieu of the Newsletter with the same title).  In addition to the website, please look to the blog for farm updates, event announcements, and weekly recipes.

We hope to keep you engaged with what’s going on here at the farm in these weekly posts, so please check in often!