Share Add-ons

We have partnered with a variety of local growers and food artisans to expand the offerings we can provide to our CSA community. First choose your Blooming Glen Farm Vegetable Share – either a weekly full share for 24 weeks, or an alt-weekly half share for 12 weeks (both includes summer pick-your-own Flowers) or choose just an 8-week Pick-Your-Own summer Flower Share. Then choose any of the add-ons detailed below: bread, cheese, eggs, mushrooms, coffee, fruit, or ice cream!



A cheese share add-on featuring a collaboration with Valley Milkhouse and Birchrun Hills Farm!
Birchrun Hills Farm is situated in the heart of Chester County where Sue Miller and her family raise their herd of happy cows and make award-winning farmstead cheeses including the iconic Birchrun Blue, Fat Cat and Equinox.
Valley Milkhouse is situated in the Oley Valley of Berks County where Stefanie Angstadt makes European style cheeses from the milk of nearby Kerith Brook Farm, an organic grass dairy. Valley Milkhouse specializes in fresh and soft-ripened cheeses (think luscious brie) as well as a few cave-aged varieties.

Share details: 2 artisan wedges of cheese (made with local organic grass-fed milk; 6-8 ounces per piece), every other week during the 24 week season for a total of 12 weeks, $22 per pick-up ($264). On farm half share members, choose the same pickup schedule as your vegetable share schedule (A or B week).

*We reserve the right to substitute an alternative producer if necessary.


Pastured eggs from happy hens! Deep Roots Valley Farm is a small fifth generation family farm in Berks County, PA (15 min from Reading). Their high-quality eggs are a result of their natural regenerative farming practices: All animals pasture raised; Rotational grazing to heal the land and prevent overgrazing; No antibiotics; No hormones; No GMOs.

Deep Roots Valley hens are raised with love on 30 acres of fields. They are housed in mobile hen houses at night, and in the sun and fresh pasture in the daytime. The hens are antibiotic free, and their pasture diet is supplemented with whole grain, NON-GMO feed purchased from a local feed mill in Oley. These brown eggs are some of the most delicious around! You can taste the care and attention that this family farm puts into their hens.

Share details: Choose weekly or alt-weekly pick-up. $7.50/dozen. 12 weeks=$90; 24 weeks=$180. Order as many dozen as you like.

*We reserve the right to substitute an alternative producer if necessary.


We partner with Primordia Mushroom Farm to bring you the very best, fresh-harvested, chemical-free, locally grown mushrooms. Primordia, owned by Matt Sicher & Jesse Tobin, is a family owned farm nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania in Lenhartsville, PA. Primordia grows a diversity of high quality mushrooms indoors year round. Listen to this fascinating interview with Matt on the Lehigh Valley’s WDIY Inside Dish.

Share details: Each delivery you will receive a ½ pound of freshly harvested mushrooms, cost of $9 per ½ pound (=$108/12 weeks; $216/24 weeks). Varieties rotate throughout the season and may include Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Pioppino, King Trumpet, Black Pearl, Nameko, Gray, Pink & Golden Oyster, Chestnut, Maitake and more! Choose the schedule that aligns with your CSA share pick-up. Full share members, choose weekly or alt-weekly (A or B). Half Share members choose A or B.

*We reserve the right to substitute an alternative producer if necessary.


The Coffee Scoop is a specialty coffee roasting company located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The Coffee Scoop was founded in 2005 with a commitment to supply the highest quality, 100% organic, Fair Trade, freshly roasted coffee to friends and neighbors who are as passionate about coffee as they are. For brewing and storage tips, head to The Coffee Scoop website.

Share details: 100% organic & Fair Trade certified small batch roasted in Pipersville, Pa. You will receive one 12oz. bag of freshly roasted whole coffee beans, either weekly or biweekly depending on your choice, $15 per bag (retail value $15-17!). Blends will change weekly. Half share members choose your corresponding week A or B schedule. Full share members either choose weekly, or A or B alt-weekly schedule. Cost: $180 alt-weekly; $360 weekly.

*We reserve the right to substitute an alternative producer if necessary.


North Star Orchard is a 20-acre orchard and vegetable farm located in Cochranville, Pennsylvania. Their focus is on cultivating flavorful varieties of fruit which are not commonly grown. Their orchard has the largest selection of fruit varieties around; they grow over 350 different apple varieties! They also grow a large variety of plums, peaches, Asian pears, European pears and seedless grapes. Their growing practices are what Farmer Ike likes to call “Certified Sensible”- read more on their website.

Share details: This abbreviated share season begins end of July/early August, and pick-up corresponds to your vegetable share pick-up day. Choose a weekly bag of fruit for 12 weeks ($336), or alt-weekly for 6 weeks ($168). Each week the share will have a balanced mix of seasonal tree fruit including peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, pears, and Asian pears.
The share contains a nice amount of fruit for a couple or small family, or for a single person who LOVES their fruit! More details on the North Star Orchard website.

*We reserve the right to substitute an alternative producer if necessary.


Premium ice cream hand crafted from local and organic ingredients!

Since 2009 Bucks County based Owowcow Creamery has been hand crafting premium ice cream from scratch using the finest local organic and natural ingredients. Their ice cream making process begins with sourcing local & organic cream and milk, local cage-free eggs, local raw honey and non-GMO cane sugar. They are one of a handful of ice cream companies in the United States that are licensed by the department of agriculture to make their ice cream base from scratch. Their executive chef creates ice cream flavors daily with local roasted fruits & veggies, organic extracts, hand baked inclusions and the finest cocoa.

Share details: The ice cream share is alt-weekly for a total of 12 weeks, and by the pint. Choose as many pints as you wish to purchase per pick-up. Owowcow Creamery will be working with us to create 6 unique seasonal flavors highlighting the fruits, vegetables and herbs from Blooming Glen Farm, in addition to 6 of Owowcow’s popular local seasonal flavors! Basil Strawberry, Watermelon Cream, Ground Cherry Crème Brule, Pumpkin spice- so many possibilities! Cost $132 (total of 12 pints; 1 pint per pickup).

*We reserve the right to substitute an alternative producer if necessary.


Green Lion Breads, located in Phoenixville, Pa, is dedicated to baking nutritional breads in the time-honored tradition; made from heritage and ancient grains grown on local farms, fresh-milled on site, and naturally leavened; the freshest, full-flavored, nutrient dense loaves will find their way to your table, loaves like Country, Sunny Flax, Rye, and Ancient Medley.

Besides producing delicious bread, Green Lion has an even greater mission. Under the umbrella of the non-profit Partners Creating Community (PCC), Green Lion Bread strives to provide meaningful opportunities for adults who are different intellectually and developmentally. They work to develop true artisans and seamlessly integrate people of all abilities in the workplace. By creating therapeutic work environments for their diverse team, with opportunities to thrive and interact with their community, the impact of Green Lion Bread can be seen in the individuals who flourish there.

Share details: Full share members choose a weekly or alt-weekly share (1 loaf per delivery). Loaves will change weekly and cycle through a variety of “flavors”. Half share members choose alt-weekly A or B schedule (corresponding to your veggie share pick-up). Weekly $240/ 24 weeks or Alt-weekly $120/12 weeks.

*We reserve the right to substitute an alternative producer if necessary.