Turnip the Dirt

Hopping Toads!

As we took off the covers on our melons we found more than just baby cantaloupes and watermelon plants. After taking off the row covers we started taking out the hoops. As my mother loosened the hoops for me and my father, she found multiple toads. We took them from the field so they would not be squashed by the tractor when my father cultivated the aisles of the field.

They were very difficult to catch because they are very fast! I was running all through the aisles to keep up with them. So keep an eye out for toads!

And here is a photo of the watermelons- they are growing fast!

Written by Dakota, a 9 year old farm girl who loves to chase her chickens, read books, ride her bike and cuddle with her dog. Her favorite thing about growing up on a farm is getting to eat the food that grows right outside her door. Photos by Tricia Borneman and Tom Murtha.