CSA Share 2012: Week 1

CSA Share 2012: Week 1

The CSA season is off to a great start. The strawberries are a few weeks earlier this season- juicy red and ripe, the early spring greens and roots are growing, and despite all the rain yesterday, spirits are high! Thanks to the (mostly) dry Spring we are happy to have spinach in the share- a first for Blooming Glen Farm. Spinach does not typically like our heavy clay soil, and it definitely does not like wet feet. So we are excited to have it for you this week!

CSA Share 2012, Week 1.

It was a wonderful sight to see all the familiar faces at the farm again- many of you celebrating your seventh season with us, as well as all the new faces- exploring the discovery garden, and eager to learn more about all the wonderful varieties of veggies in the share.

Ready to Harvest!

Our awesome farm crew is rocking it out every day- busy seeding and transplanting and weeding, and now harvesting for both the CSA and the farmers markets. The number of empty seedling trays that need to washed out every week are a great indicator of the number of plants going in every week. And believe me, it’s mind boggling!

Tatsoi in the field; weekly washing of empty seedling trays

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