Blooming Glen Farm | Events
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Events at Blooming Glen Farm

Community Events

We believe strongly in the value of community, the “C” in CSA. For thousands of years people have been gathering around food, whether for sustenance and survival, to honor the land, or to sing, dance and celebrate the harvest. Here at Blooming Glen Farm throughout the growing season we offer cooking and preserving classes, chef demos, farm events, and festivities. Check out the calendar to the right for the details- if you see the words “see more” be sure to click on it, as some days may have more than one event listed.  You will also find the CSA pick-up schedule, and road stand hours posted here. Want more? Head over to our Blog where we post seasonal recipes, notes from the field, share photos and detailed farm happenings.

Mark your calendar

Early Registration Discount for CSA until Feb. 15thReceive 3% off your registration fee when you register by Feb. 15th and pay by check. This is a token of our thanks for supporting our farm in the “off-season”, and helping us pay for our seeds, supplies, and all the other expenses that go into growing your food!

“And what is it to work with love?
It is to sow seeds with tenderness and reap the harvest with joy…” ~Kahlil Gibran