CSA Share Photo: Week 5

CSA Share Photo: Week 5

The combination of scents mingling in the walk-in-cooler after harvest on Tuesday smelled like a wonderful earthy soup. Actually, combined with a chicken from Ledamete Grass Farm, the soup pot is where the celery and sweet onions, fresh garlic and parsley ended up in our kitchen. Speaking of great local offerings coming right to our doorstep, be sure to check out Otolith’s website to get in on the next community supported seafood share- early summer wild caught salmon! Otolith is a true family business. Owner and founder Amanda Bossard was here delivering the halibut share, and telling me how her youngest, at age 9, is spending the summer in Alaska fishing with Dad (Amanda’s husband, Murat), and loving every minute of it!

CSA Share week 5

In addition to the tasty produce, this week’s share saw a rainbow of bouquets, and big smiles, coming from the pick-your-own flower field.

Choosing the perfect flower, but really, how can you go wrong?!

The farm is blooming!

Sunflowers...golden, orange, and chocolate colored.

Photos and text by Tricia Borneman, Blooming Glen farmer and co-owner.

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